Barter Card Alternatives: 5 Best Virtual Dollar Cards

Best Virtual Dollar Card Alternatives

The leading fintech startup in Nigeria, Flutterwave, said via email last week that it will stop offering virtual dollar card on Barter as of July 17, 2022. Soon after, a few other African fintech businesses issued comparable letters to their customers, including Busha, Klasha, and Eversend. Nigerians are once again looking for ways to satisfy their desire for online internet payments.

Barter Card

Continue reading if you now use the Barter virtual dollar card service and are seeking for alternatives for your online payments. You might also be facing issues of you music stopping when you login to facebook, have written a tutorial on why does my music stop when i open facebook and how to stop it.

Online payments have been considerably simpler ever since Virtual Dollar Card services first appeared in Nigeria. Nigerians no longer have to be concerned about foreign restrictions and other issues when using conventional bank cards to pay for streaming services like Netflix and Spotify and conduct advertising campaigns like those on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

What Is A Virtual Dollar Card?

virtual dollar card

A virtual dollar card is a digital duplicate of a typical bank credit or debit card. The digital wallet software is where these virtual cards are produced and stored. A virtual card can also be a one-time use plastic card that you can use to make purchases anywhere in the globe while providing increased online payment security.

5 Best Alternative Virtual Dollar Card Services In Nigeria

You can use any of the alternative virtual dollar card services platform below to create virtual dollar cards and send payments even though Barter and some other virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria may have stopped operating.

1. FXKudi

virtual dollar card

The best payment platforms that provide virtual dollar cards that you can use to make payments anywhere in the world are FXKudi, a Ghanaian fintech startup. Netflix, Facebook advertisements, and online shopping from foreign retailers may all be paid for without any problems.

Additionally, FXKudi enables you to make and receive money rapidly from more than 20 different nations. You are able to have a unique account number in these countries thanks to its multicurrency wallet. The platform's ability to do all of these transactions for free is what makes it so fascinating.

2. Chipper Cash

Best Virtual Dollar Card

Chipper Cash is a fintech startup in Nigeria that provides Virtual Naira and Dollar cards. For those who prefer not to carry their standard bank(s) cards with them, these cards make it simple to make payments online. Therefore, credit cards operate without a hitch whether you wish to pay for flights, hotel reservations, or other services like Webhosting or adverts.

While the majority of virtual dollar card firms charge for the establishment of the card, after completing KYC verification, Chipper Cash provides you with a free Naira and dollar virtual card. Additionally, if you use either of the cards, you receive 5% cash back. In addition, the app allows you to purchase airtime and data, and you'll acquire a payment account number.

Click here to visit Chipper Cash website

3. Gomoney

Gomoney is one of the best virtual card services in Nigeria. Although Gomoney doesn't provide virtual dollar card services, their virtual naira card has repeatedly shown its worth. On the majority of websites, both domestic and foreign, Gomoney cards function without a problem.

I've been paying for my Netflix subscription with this card without any problems for months. The card also works well for my Facebook and Instagram advertisements, however occasionally I run into a couple of issues. But based on my own experience, it's absolutely worth a go.

Gomoney's monthly spending cap has recently increased to $100. Therefore, if your expenditure falls under the range, there is no need for concern.

Click here to visit Gomoney website

4. Bitmama

virtual dollar card in nigeria

Bitmama provide virtual dollar card services, a Nigerian cryptocurrency trading platform, are known as crypto cards. You can fund Bitmama crypto cards with digital currencies like USDT, USDC, and cUSD, unlike other virtual card services. You may effortlessly buy anywhere in the globe and pay for online services using Bitmama crypto cards.

You can use your Bitmama card to make monthly purchases totaling more than $5,000. It is one of the best solutions for independent contractors, business owners, merchants, or perhaps you work in the importation industry and want payment in USD. Additionally, Bitmama provides an actual crypto card that you can use anywhere in the globe and use to easily make ATM withdrawals.

Click here to visit Bitmama website

5. Vella Finance

Best Virtual Dollar Card

Vella Finance is another trustworthy digital bank in Nigeria with crypto exchange capabilities that make buying and selling bitcoin. In terms of payment systems, it is one of the best for generating virtual dollar cards. Due of its distinctive qualities, Vella is my preferred payment method.

Vella allows you to create a throwaway card (a one-time use card), a card with a 30-day validity, and a card with a 1-year validity, but other platforms only allow you to create a digital copy of actual bank cards with the same expiration model. Additionally, you may use your Vella Finance card anywhere in the globe by funding it with NGNT, USDT, or BTC.

If you're not already a client, sign up and join the waitlist at Vella to be among the first to receive their real Bitmama-style card.

Click here to visit Vella Finance website

Conclusion on Alternative Virtual Dollar Card Services In Nigeria

Therefore, virtual dollar cards function flawlessly whether you want to pay for flights, hotel reservations, or other services like web hosting or advertisements. You can get around the challenges and restrictions of making purchases using your local bank card by using virtual dollar cards. Additionally, if you frequently spend money on either personal or professional expenses, having access to one of these virtual dollar card services would be wonderful.

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